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We can guarantee you will feel the ROISG difference. Each search as such is unique - as we have worked in numerous locations and job titles.



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ROI Search Group is offering a 40-hour Next Level Leadership and Team Member Training program implementing best practices.

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We represent organizations by what some people consider to be the strongest organization nationwide.

About Us

We are a national boutique firm and based in Indiana. Our founder and CEO, Stacey McCreery, is a hiring expert with over two decades of successful experience in managing people. Stacey and her team have a proven ability to foster relationships with C-Suite, senior executives, and all levels of leadership. It was early 2004, where she had the privilege of working alongside top executives at a healthcare staffing company in California, who also built a nationwide business organically. The company originally started in 1985. Stacey feels that she has had the opportunity to work side by side with the industry's best, which makes her company a good fit.

Stacey and her team know that people hire people, not resumes. Companies are not just looking for a set of qualifications that match a job description but, more importantly, are looking for that unfindable, perfect match that will be a good fit for the organization. To ensure a complete match, Stacey and her team extensively interview both companies and candidates to find out who they are and what they are looking for — as companies and as people. What’s different is they find the unfindable candidate. They are most fulfilled when helping people to grow professionally. Their vision and ability to nurture relationships have led to long-term solutions and success.

Stacey founded ROI Search Group, a specialty leadership consulting and executive search firm, who finds talented people for companies as well as other specialized searches on a permanent basis. She started the company because she saw a real business need. Her organization helps professionals grow and advance in their careers while helping companies find the “perfect” fit for their organization. She began her career in the mid-1990s and has worked very closely with leaders and numerous team members. Throughout her career, she has been privileged to work in for-profit and not-for-profit companies, as well as large and small private and public companies. The difference is ROI Search Group (ROISG) will be able to understand your needs because they have been where you are today. As leaders, they have recruited numerous individuals throughout their careers.


If your company is seeking a partner in recruiting that will strengthen overall operations, benchmark strength, and result in accelerated efficiencies as well as long-term strategies of finding the right people, your greatest investment, then contact ROI Search Group. They believe in architecting strong teams, reducing turnover and training costs, while increasing productivity. They offer clients and candidates exceptional, professional service, absolute confidentiality, high integrity, over 97 years of experience, and the most ethical values in recruiting and outplacement services. Quite simply, they have been where you are and want to help you and your organization.

Our Team

By design, ROI Search Group aims to give you an unforgettable experience, meld culture and distinction with experience and proficiency. Meet the team who make it happen.

Stacey McCreery

Stacey McCreery
Chief Administrative Officer & President


Julia Moffett

Julia Moffett
Senior Talent Manager

Julie Teixeira

Julie Teixeira

Director, Client Services

Sharon Menachemi

Sharon Menachemi
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

I get to do what I like to do every single day of the year.
-Warren Buffet

Why work with ROI Search Group

We represent organizations that some people would consider to be the strongest nationwide. These organizations have caught that recognition because they have exceptionally run departments and invest in their talent. These organizations have set the bar high for their team. We identify candidates who exceed these expectations, and we cherry-pick these individuals.

On the candidate side, we work with professionals ranging from CEOs/Presidents, CFOs, CIOs, Vice Presidents, Controllers, Directors, and Managers, and other senior staffed and specialized positions. These organizations hire high-performing individuals who are in the top 20% of their skill set as recognized by their colleagues. These professionals are heads down and not actively looking for a position. These are candidates that have to be tapped on the shoulder. We will not accept mediocrity and will only identify exceptional talent.

Our role is to figure out in their career what is missing. In essence, we are a search firm in the specialization of high-performance.

High-level searches are essential to be given to search firms who specialize and can differentiate between excellence and mediocrity. ROI Search Group is 100% dedicated to your search. Our expertise cannot be matched. We will give you more than you have come to expect.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
- Albert Schweitzer


Executive Recruitment

ROI Search Group is a local, women-owned firm focused on healthcare and life sciences. Our founder, Stacey McCreery spent a decade as a leader and hiring manager at a large academic health system. She worked with many executive recruitment firms throughout her career. Also, combined with experiences working in healthcare recruitment starting in 2004, she put all the best practices together and formed ROI Search Group.

ROI Search Group’s business model addresses metrics to hold the recruitment vendor accountable and does not charge a third of the fee each month. Rather, we charge our clients based on mutually predetermined performance and metrics throughout the project.

What makes our firm different:

  • Minimum Fees: There are no minimum fees associated with our executive searches. The costs are simply 29% of the total compensation package plus the actual cost of travel. As you and I know, most executive search firms are charging 33% or more plus administrative fees. Transparency is key, and we have a tool on our website so you can calculate those differences. 
  • No Administrative Fees: We do not have a monthly "service charge" for "administrative services". Most firms charge an average administrative fee of 10% of the total search cost each month through the completion of the search.
  • Travel Expenses are Billed at Cost: We track the travel expenses and bill you with no upcharges, service fees or percentages, and travel is pre-approved with the client, with no surprises.
  • Performance-Based Guarantee: Our engagement fees are fully refundable if we do not produce a minimum of 3 candidates that meet your qualifications within the agreed upon metrics. We provide guarantees on the front end and back end of our searches.
  • Bottom Line. You are not locked into contracts; you can cancel with a 30-day notice if your recruitment needs change, and you will not incur any additional fees.   

At ROI Search Group, we know we will give you better service – with a personalized process – at a more reasonable cost. Let us know when you would like to schedule a 30-minute intro meeting to get to know us.

Click here for an example of a savings estimate. You can calculate the difference by inputting three numbers in the yellow highlighted cells. If you are interested in the types of roles and locations where we previously recruited, click here.

Contact us at info@roisearchgroup.com or 317.588.8138. We look forward to showing you how we can save you money and deliver exceptional results.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.
- Henry David Thoreau

Candidate Eligibility

There are several expectations of a potential candidate.

  • Candidate must follow the process as set forth by us.

  • Candidate must be in the top 20% of their skill set, as recommended by their peers and colleagues, within their technical function.

  • Candidates must be willing to invest the time and must maintain an open line of communication throughout the process.

  • Candidates must demonstrate their success. The candidate must prove and/or demonstrate examples of their work that has led to an increase in revenue, decrease of costs, or an increase in efficiency to a department or company as a whole. They must demonstrate the value of their contributions to the organization.

  • Candidate must have a realistic understanding of the process. They must understand how their current contributions will elevate their future success.

  • Candidates must be open and honest during the discovery “interview” to expectations for their next career opportunity.

  • Candidates must have a high level of integrity.

  • Candidates can expect to experience a process that is different – a process that leads to your goals being met all along the way. If you invest the time in our process, you will come to understand that it works – and other firms cannot compare.

  • Bottom line, we invest time in you because people are a company’s greatest asset. The experience will be different.

Our Process

We can guarantee you will feel the ROI Search Group difference because we believe people are an organization’s most important asset. You will not find another company that has the depth into clients’ goals, position discovery, culture, and getting to know you one on one. You will feel the difference. We get to know our candidates, their desires, their backgrounds, their skill sets, but more importantly, where they would be the best fit. This is our strength. Our candidates are so knowledgeable about the opportunity before they ever step foot into your organization. You will feel the difference, and so will they. That is what we do best. We are not recruiting through job boards and pulling names from a database. We look for individuals that are heads down, and exceeding expectations, and will not be found applying to positions. They are happy, hardworking, successful, and undiscovered.

You have worked with traditional headhunters who pitch jobs. That is not us. We are interested in finding individuals who are high-performing and heads down. We have no interest in who is looking. We select candidates that are recommended by their peers and considered in the top 20% of their skill set. When we find you this type of individual, you will want to clear your schedule. Engage us after complacent headhunters frustrate you.

We are different. We completely vet candidates and clients. We live by a no-surprises policy, and you will know more about the candidate before they even step in the door to interview with you. We dig deep into our clients. We essentially are matchmakers – finding the “perfect” match. We look for “hidden career wounds” – no less is accepted. We are not looking for a passive candidate or certainly an unhappy one.

High-performing candidates are necessary to prep for in advance. They are as brilliant as you are, and they expect an organized process. It is their first introduction to you. You will receive more information on the candidate questionnaire than you have ever received.

We work for you. We must earn your trust. After one candidate, we will earn it. We are different. Period. We love what we do. We have been where you have been. We will treat you differently.

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Our Vision and Story

People who know Our Founder use one word to describe her. Passionate. She cares about people, and it shows. This started at a young age. She was 8 when she had her first job. Yes, you heard right. She has been interacting with people for many years. It was never hard to imagine success. She knew it would take hard work, and she has never feared that hard work.

She has had several opportunities in her career, and she is always very grateful for that. It is hard to describe what fuels her. She has spent half of her career in healthcare, and it was never an accident. She was drawn to it. See, her maternal grandmother at a young age had rheumatoid arthritis. At 28 years of age, she was on crutches, and by age 31, she was confined to a wheelchair. She was in and out of hospitals and struggled to receive the care most of us are accustomed to receiving, and she was part of the uninsured population. She struggled daily. Ultimately, she passed away at the young age of 54.

When she entered healthcare, she knew she would work hard to make a difference in people’s lives. She has had the pleasure of leading the integration of numerous hospitals and physician groups so that patients would have more comprehensive care throughout the system. It has given her great pleasure to work with people.

People who are close to her know she loves people. She has a passion for people. So after spending 20 years in corporate roles and most importantly, as a hiring manager, an accomplished leader, it seemed natural to her to transition to building a business that was about people where she could add value to organizations here in Indiana, as well as nationwide and globally. She took the time to build the business. A business that would exceed expectations, and cares about people, and as a leader who has experience hiring several hundred individuals throughout her career. Building a business with experience is the difference. Taking it a step further, she has worked side by side with these leaders, her colleagues for years integrating systems, and serving on multiple projects, and it felt natural to now partner with those organizations to help them with their hiring needs. We consider each one a consulting assignment. Organizations will feel they are important. Why? Because we have an opportunity to partner with high-performing companies and find unfindable talent, people who are successful, happy, with proven experience. What’s different… we find your perfect match. It is such an honor, and with our passion for people, we are eager to do this.

So, if you want someone who is hardworking, knows people, happy, and successful, then we should have a discussion and see if we are a good match to work together. We treat each client as if it is our only focus. Some call our firm, a boutique firm with white-glove service and high horsepower.

Good recruiting firms bring your resumes; LinkedIn profiles and distribute your job description. Then there is our team at ROI Search Group. We become a member of your team, laser-focused on finding ideal candidates for your most important roles.

As importantly, the interactions with prospective candidates are “on brand” with how you treat your clients: responsive, urgent, humble, and honest. The ROI Search Group team will present you with high quality and relevant candidates. Good firms ask you what you are looking for, and great firms invest their time to understand your business, your competition, and the landscape your organization faces. Is your organization looking for a different and better experience while seeking future stars for your company? Then, look no further.

Behind every project we take on, she thinks of what her grandmother would say about how we are making a difference. Doing the right things every single time for the right reasons is our core belief. 

Finding the unfindable is our focus.

ROISG Gives Back to the Community

The ROISG Gives Back Program continues the philanthropic objective of ROI Search Group. Honing in on a positive, client-centric way to exceed the bar of expected results, ROISG solidified their commitment to community and mission of giving back by revealing their intent to give 1% of revenue earned from each client to the charity of their choice. The firm is focused on a curated approach as a business and for their clients. Modernizing industry practices with this value-add, the talent acquisition and search group pride themselves on being unique by design. The program is set to funnel much needed funds towards those who can benefit most from a charitable contribution. ROI Search Group has always had a focus on community, as well as excellence in client satisfaction and retention. Their steady stream of clientele is set to provide a generous selection of causes to support that are close to their hearts. This new initiative marks their enthusiastic inclination to count their client’s neighbors as their own extended network, along with reaffirming their priority to make a difference at a community level.

Stacey McCreery, Founder and President of ROI Search Group, stated, “We are very proud to be able to offer ROISG Gives Back to our clients. As one of our 12-Core Beliefs, giving to the community is a principle we are founded upon as a company. To be able to share in the charitable passions of our clients is a dream come true. We are more than just a search firm. We are in the business of connecting organizations with unfindable talent, the hard-to-find candidate, the perfect candidate for their culture. This program allows us to reach out further than we would have been able to before, and to extend our charitable giving to interests that are important to our clients. We’re thrilled to announce ROISG Gives Back is up and running!”

Our 12 Core Beliefs

1. Do the right things for the right reasons.
2. Be transparent.
3. Do what you say you are going to do.
4. Exceed expectations. Deliver more than expected. Always under-promise, and over-deliver.
5. Listen to your audience.
6. Invest in people.
7. Be happy and stay positive in every situation.
8. Dream more. Never stop dreaming and believing in yourself. Push yourself. Be your very best.
9. Integrity is everything. Never compromise your name.
10. Let your passion fuel your work.
11. Bless others. Give back to your community. Make a difference.
12. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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ROI Search Group | Job Description, Why It Really Matters

If you feel we would make a great fit to partner with your organization, connect with us here. 

Located in Fishers and serving clients locally and also nationwide, our knowledge allows us to pair "unfindable" candidates to your open positions that have the skillset, experience, and perfect fit for your culture, allowing for the perfect match.

If your firm is seeking a partner to assist you in finding the best talent, look no further. We work directly with hiring managers and human resources.

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